Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Today in my Inquiry I read in the Spanish history and this is what I've seen and what I know about Spanish. I am really happy when I knew that some of the Spanish words were like the Philippine language.

Fraction and Decimals

In my maths today I worked with the Geometry group and we are working on our goals. I've learnt to simplify fractions and identify decimals. I really enjoyed working with the Geometry group.

My Work for Jesus

In my RE work I was thinking if how can I work for Jesus. I have been learning what should I do to be able to work for Jesus. I did not hesitate to write these things because I know that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I enjoy doing work for Jesus.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Work of Jesus

Sammy and I read a scripture and we wrote down what happen in the scripture. We know that the work of Jesus is continued by his Apostles. We enjoy reading the scripture. I've learned to be the Apostles.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Fraction to Percentage

Today in my Maths I have been working on my new goal in fraction which is Fraction to Percentage. I was reading the explanation of how can I convert the fraction into percentage. I am confused in some of the ways of converting it. I enjoy reading the strategy of Percentage.

Violet Walrond - Infromation

Violet Walrond   - Olympic Swimmer

Violet Ethel Mary Walrond was born on 27 of February 1996. She was the representative of New Zealand at the 1920 Summer Olympics at Antwerp. She was the first youngest female that compete at the Olympics. Violet Walrond competed in two events at the Olympics.

Walrond's father, Cecil 'Tui' Walrond, was a noted swimmer who received a Royal Humane Society award for rescuing 11 people from drowning. Violet and her younger sister Edna retired from competitive swimming in 1923 when Violet was 18. She later stated that they retired on orders from their father, as he felt that we were too much in the public eye.

It was the first time we competed as an Olympic nation in our own right- not as part of an Australian team. The New Zealand athletes made up a small but proud group of rower, a hudler, a sprinter and a fifteen-year old swimmer named Violet Walrond.

Nine weeks, five days

The athletes trip took Nine Weeks and Five Days.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Jesus is the model Teacher

Today in My RE work I have been working about Jesus as a model Teacher. I have learned that Jesus teaching the people by telling them a story. I enjoy knowing Jesus and what he done for us.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Boxing Stage 2

Today in my Inquiry learning I've been following the Boxing. I am in stage 2 of following Boxing. In this picture I've been writing a questions for the Boxing Athletes.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Prompt Writing

Yesterday, I wrote a short Narrative writing about these kids. I wrote this story because I have some ideas about those kids and the beach.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 4.59.04 PM.png`
It was a beautiful winter afternoon…..

Me and my two friends went to the beach in the afternoon, we planned to go to the beach to play. While we are playing the waves were very undulating. It was a great afternoon because we had time to hangout with each other while our parents were talking at the front of the beach. My friends are boys and they are about 7 years old, they are brothers. As it was getting dark we saw coral under the sand, it looked green like a tree. We imagined that coral didn't that live under the sand, we thought that it was a fake.

Short Narrative Writing

Brrrring G! I answered the phone and I heard someone talking, the voice sounded strange. I could hear something weird. The next day my phone rang again, it seemed like the same strange person then they  said ‘ blah blah blah”. I said  “What? What are you talking about?”
Then I ended the call, but the stranger kept calling me. Finally when I answered the call, the stranger said “This is your brother Max”  He had played a good trick on me, it was a joke. I didn’t know he had changed his number. This time  I saved his new phone number to my phone so now I know who’s calling me.  

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 : Boxing

Today in my Inquiry learning I am following one sport which is Boxing. As I followed the Boxing sport I keep writing down what's happening in the Boxing.

My Destiny Dog: Narrative Writing

Today were learning how to write a good sentence and that has make sense. I enjoy writing a narrative about the prompt of the dog.

One day there was a dog. The dog was black and white with a long tail. The dog was lonely because he was a stray. When I saw the dog I talked to it.. After I talked to the dog,I tried to take the dog home. While we were walking across the road he ran and left me.

Next day I saw him at the same place that we met each other.. When I saw him again I was very happy because maybe that Dog was for me.. Today I talked to the dog because I was sad of my family problem. Suddenly the dog answered me and I was in shock because I couldn’t believe that the dog was really talking.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Cross Country

Everyday Theatre Show

Today  room 7 went to  room 6 to watch a show.  Two ladies were acting different characters.  They have great acting skills. They really amazed me. It was amazing because they acted  real and the emotions in the two lady. The action is really good and great.


Today I've been writing about The Ned Show,Cross Country and Everyday Show. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ned Show

Today after lunch,  St Pius  X School went to the hall to watch the NED show.  The lady from NED  was explaining to all of us about NED. She was absolutely good and pretty.  She was showing us tricks with the yoyo.  She was good at doing the yoyo.  I was amazed because she is the only person doing the show.  She was doing a great job.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The growth of my Prototect test!!

This term 3 I was recording myself in  Prototec test. This is the growth of my Prototec test

Cybersmart with Constable Gordon

Today In room 7 Constable Gordon came to our room and explain about being Smart Online. While room 7 were seated on the mat listening to Constable Gordon.

What was my thinking when I was listening to Constable Gordon?

I was thinking why were people bullying in this school? Wouldn’t it be better if we all got along? I knew that because a lot of silly things and mean nasty things that happens in the class. I was listening carefully to Constable Gordon because I wanted to know about bullying.

What I’ve learned?

I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned how to be a not bully person to my classmates because there’s a law of bullying person. I’ve learned in Cyber bullying that my every action needs to be careful in my every action in school,to be careful what I am going to say to every person in this school. I’ve learned on being a smart online to be careful posting any non sense thing on Facebook or even sending messages on email or on Facebook's because I know what I am doing.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Helpfulness movie!!

In Room 7 we have been making a 1 minute movie showing Helpfulness. This is my movie that I have created with Faleaka and also the support from Ashley who studies in St Mary's College.