Sunday, 27 November 2016

Camp in Piha ( Year 7&8 )

On our first day at Piha, we arrived there on Wednesday 10:00 in the morning. On our first day  we all took  our bags to our rooms and we all gathered at the tables on our meeting area. The lady at the piha welcome us to their place and after that we go for walked to the Piha beach. We all went back to our dorm and play our first activity, we play orienteering with my yellow group and we split into two groups. After our first activity we have our dinner and after our dinner we have free time and I used my free time to take a shower. When the night comes we all gathered at the lounge to do our journal and after we did our journal. Mr Coakley,William and Sonny lead the bush blindfold game, I can’t forget that game because I was super scared and I cried because I tripped on a rock and I have scratched on my legged. After that game we all have our supper and that’s the end of our day.

On our second day, early in the morning we woke up so early and we got changed our clothes  do some girly stuff. When did the bell rang we all gathered at the lounge to pray and eat our breakfast, we started our activities and we play poles and blanks for an hour with Mrs Tui. our third activity was archery it was so fun and and challenging because it hurts my arm when I stretched arm. When we finished our activities we walked for 30 minutes to get tedo the water falls. I was about to give up because I was super tired walking up the hill, when we got to the water falls some of my classmates swam in and enjoy the falls for 15 mins. We went back to our dorms and play the next activities. After we played the activities we took on shower and have our dinner. Mr Coakley lead our game at lounge called ‘ Name that list’’, the game was fun because the game was intense. We all went at the back of our dorms to sing a song with a bonfire, we have our marshmallows to heat up at the fire.

On our last half day, in the morning I woke up early and fixed my things and bring it down because we are going home after lunch time. We all gathered at the lounge and do our prayer and eat our breakfast, after having our breakfast while the yellow time doing the kitchen and the other teams cleaning the other area of camp place. After we cleaning up, we are all at the lounge waiting for the lunch comes and after we have our lunch we all goes to the bus. Home sweet home.

Communion of Saints

Monday, 14 November 2016


Today I created an Judgement cycle to show the words that goes before Judgement. This cycle show how you understand about Judgement. So hope you understand the cycle that I've created. 

Sunday, 6 November 2016


Today on my RE I've watched a video about conscience and I found out these things about it. I wrote down my research and information that I know about conscience. Let's start our week with our learning.